Frequently Asked Questions


What does it cost to study at CTC?

A trade or mining qualification from CTC is a very cost effective way to start any career. You can gain a full NQF level 2 to 4 qualification for under R100 000, but you would also require the on-job part of the qualification, which is not provided at CTC. From whatever angle you look at it, a CTC qualification is very cost effective because many employment opportunities for qualified artisans and miners exist.


Can I study at CTC as an individual?

Due to the fact that all the CTC occupational qualifications require an on-job training component, it is difficult (but not totally impossible) for individuals to complete a CTC qualification on their own; access to a workplace where the on-job modules can be completed is required.


How to I apply for your learnership programme?

A CV delivered to the reception box at the CTC main gate is advised. Unfortunately there exists no on-line registration facility at the moment. CTC is considering offering some of its material on-line; at the same time connecting good performing on-line learners with employers. Please leave a comment on our Facebook page if you think this would be a good idea.


Does CTC offer accommodation to students and how much does it cost?

Yes, CTC offers shared rooms and bathroom facilities to learners. We have about 360 beds in our hostels that serve three meals per day. The total cost for board and lodging is under R350 per day.


What is the duration of your courses at CTC?

To complete an engineering learnership for example, requires at least 27 months of training, but only nine months is actually spent at CTC; the balance is spent doing on-job training. Mining and coal processing training is somewhat shorter.


Does CTC provide job assistance?

We can refer learners that have started to study privately at CTC to employers, but we cannot assure success in providing job assistance.


What are the requirements to apply for training at CTC?

To start an occupational qualification one requires at least a grade 11 with maths and science, but to exit a trade qualification one requires at least a N2 with four trade related subjects. Before commencing an occupational qualification, and to improve one’s prospects with employers, it is always a good idea to complete as many N3 to N4 engineering subjects as possible.


Can I study part-time at CTC or are all courses full time?

Currently all the courses are full time. CTC is considering implementing some on-line versions of some of its material; please take the survey at the following link.