Future proof your career as an artisan with CTC’s unique ARTISAN 4.0™ program, brought to you in collaboration with leading automation technology providers.

The Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 are everywhere. These technological advancements are inevitable and will touch everything from manufacturing and logistics to product design and marketing. It will also touch the work artisans do. Automation is central to this trend, including robotic applications and the Internet of Things. Artisan 4.0™ will be required to handle highly skilled work with machines that are interconnected and communicating with humans. While these technologies sweep across workplaces and redefine business models, there is an opportunity to prepare yourself or the artisans in your organisation, for the future with CTC’s ARTISAN 4.0 ™ program. (Dates and fees to be advised shortly.)


Phase 1. Qualifying as Artisan 4.0™ (Free)

The purpose of this phase is to get Artisans and potential artisans interested in committed to the fourth industrial revolution (IR4.0) and to prime them with certain essentials needed to complete the course. IR 4.0 is not a threat to artisans, it is an opportunity. This phase will be a 6 weeks free on-line course on CTC’s Moodle platform. At the end of the course an on-line exam must be passed to progress to the next level.


Phase 2. Taking your training as Artisan 4.0™ To the Next Level.  (Paid for)

The purpose of this phase is to give learners the prerequisite knowledge in order to be able to do the practical workshop phase at CTC. This will be a paid for, on-line Moodle course. At the end of the course an on-line exam must be passed to progress to the next level.


Phase 3.  Artisan 4.0™ Workshop (Paid for)

This phase will comprise a 10 day workshop at CTC where the practical aspects of the work of an Artisan in a modern, digital world of work is practiced.


Phase 4. Artisan 4.0™ On the Job (Free. A certification fee will be required to evaluate the final log-book and issue the “Artisan 4.0™ On the Job” .)

In this phase, the candidate will be supplied with a logbook that needs to be signed off by technically qualified supervisory staff, giving evidence that the Artisan 4.0™ Workshop content can be practically applied on the job.