The current courses presented at CTC are aimed at mineral processing but are also applicable to other beneficiation processes.

Both the Basic and Advanced courses' Unit Standards are accredited by the MQA and are being presented under the auspices of the South African Coal Processing Society.

Basic Coal Preparation for Plant Operators

The course is presented over a period of 7 weeks, 2 days per week, and consists of theoretical as well as practical training.

The course is mainly aimed at training plant operators in all basic principles of mineral processing. It provides plant operators with the necessary skills to master all mineral processing techniques in order to meet the various requirements for the utilisation potential of ore.

Advanced Coal Preparation

The course is aimed at more senior mineral processing personnel, and provides the student with a wider and more advanced scope regarding Coal Preparation and utilisation in general. It also prepares the student to play a more meaningful role in the management of the ore beneficiation environment.

It is presented during four 3-week study schools, over a period of a year. Apart from the final theoretical examination for each study school, the student is required to do a thesis, which is to be presented to a panel of external examiners after completion of all four study schools.

For more information and specific modules/unit standards, please feel free to contact CTC's Mineral Processing Department.