Fitters (including machining) are responsible for the mechanical maintenance of machinery, including the assembling and fitting of new components.

They also manufacture and construct components for machinery, using power-operated tools to a small extend, excluding the lathe.

The following modules/unit standards are done during training:

Basic Training

  • Make and fit a key
  • File and saw a workpiece
  • Drill and tap holes
  • Make up a pipe system
  • Overhaul valves
  • Maintain and align couplings
  • Tension and align V-belts
  • Lift and move equipment

Advanced Training

  • Principles of pneumatics
  • Principles of hydraulics
  • Line up a fluid drive coupling
  • Overhaul hydraulic brakes
  • Overhaul an electromagnetic brake
  • Maintain clutches
  • Maintain gearboxes
  • Overhaul a multi-stage centrifugal pump

Final Training

During Final Training, learners receive intensive training to prepare them for the Trade Test. Training during this period includes all modules/unit standards trained in during the Basic, Advanced training phases.

For more information and specific modules/unit standards, please feel free to contact CTC's engineering (administration) Department.

Any part of the course can also be done as per client specification.