The following modules are done during training:

Basic Training

  • Use Measuring Instruments and Marking Tools
  • Convert Units and Prefixes
  • Analyse Electrical Units
  • Use Digital Multimeter and Analogue Multimeter
  • Test a Resistance Box
  • Use Electrical Measuring Instruments
  • Explain Electro Magnetism
  • Select conductors and cables
  • Test a low tension cable
  • Fit a 15 ampere plug top
  • Fit a compression gland
  • Fit a gland
  • Join a cable
  • Introduction to Instrumentation
  • Signal Transmission
  • Pressure Measurement
  • Flow Measurement
  • Level Measurement
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Density and Mass Measurement
  • Automatic Control
  • Final Control Elements
  • Principles of pneumatics
  • Explain Principles of Flow
  • Flow Measurement Electrical Methods
  • Process Pressure Sensors
  • Pressure Measurement Using a Dead Weight Tester
  • Pressure Measurement Using Manometers
  • Air Regulators, Filters and Lubricators
  • Differential Pressure Measurement Electronic Methods
  • Install, Maintain and Calibrate a D/P cell
  • Current To Pressure Converter
  • Temperature Measurement Resistance Methods
  • Temperature Measurement Thermocouples
  • Stroke Control Valves
  • Instrument Drawing Symbols
  • Density and Mass Measurement

Advanced Training

  • Introduction to Automatic Control
  • Interaction between Instruments in a Control Loop
  • Fundamental Concepts of Auto Control
  • Control Time Elements
  • On – Off and Proportional Control
  • Reset and Derivative Control
  • Tune Automatic Controllers
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Introduction to SCADA Systems
  • Cascade Control Loop
  • Fibre Optic Theory and Application
  • Introduction to Profibus Communication
  • The Fieldbus Communication Protocol
  • Specialised Network Equipment
  • TCP / IP Protocol and IP Addressing
  • Workgroup and Domain Network Modules
  • Different Server Functions
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Adding a Computer To The Network
  • Manufacture Network Cables
  • Build, Configure and Test a Network

Final Training

During Final Training, learners receive intensive training to prepare them for the Trade Test. Training during this period includes all modules trained in during the Basic, Advanced training phases.

For more information and specific modules, please feel free to contact CTC's engineering (administration) Department.

Any part of the course can also be done as per client specification.