Platers (welders) are responsible for cutting, welding and fashioning steel into parts for machinery, conveyor systems and underground and surface vehicles.

The following modules are done during training:

Basic Training

  • Make a template
  • Fabricate a flat bar bracket
  • Fabricate a pipe clamp
  • Fabricate a cone
  • Develop and fabricate an angled cone
  • Fabricate a square angle iron frame
  • Develop and fabricate and equal pipe T-piece

Advanced Training

  • Fabricate a pipe reducer
  • Develop an off-set pipe lateral
  • Develop a tapering Y-piece
  • Develop and fabricate an off-centre chute
  • Weld stainless steel
  • Weld cold cast iron
  • Use TIG welding equipment
  • Use MIG welding equipment
  • Fabricate a pipe bend
  • Examine and repair a chute
  • Examine and repair a hopper
  • Erect a steel construction
  • Service boilers

Final Training

During Final Training, learners receive intensive training to prepare them for the Trade Test. Training during this period includes all modules trained in during the Basic, Advanced training phases.

For more information and specific modules, please feel free to contact CTC's engineering (administration) Department.

Any part of the course can also be done as per client specification.